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Wenling·China Pump Industry Index Results Briefing
- Sep 13, 2018 -

Wenling·China Pump Industry Index Results Briefing 


According to the monitoring data of the relevant pump industry production enterprises by the “Wenling·China Pump Industry Index” project team, the ex-factory price index of the pump industry in April 2018 was 112.12 points, up 4.93 points month on month and up 5.54 points year on year. The specific data can be seen in Figure 1.



According to the index monitoring of the pump industry export sales of the sample unit, according to the same product classification system as the production enterprise, the total export price index of the pump industry of the city in April 2018 was 101.49 points, up 0.90 points from the previous month, up year-on-year. 1.14 points. From the historical data, the fluctuation of export prices is small.

In terms of type, except for the shielded circulation pump, the price of all kinds of pumps showed a ring-up trend, with the increase of 0.35 points. Among them, the household pump and the vertical multi-stage pump increased by 9.06 points. At 19.84 points, the prices of the other types of pumps have increased in different degrees. Submersible pumps, sewage pumps, deep well pumps and pipeline pumps have risen by 2.25 points, 2.09 points, 1.63 points and 2.35 points respectively.

Compared with the same period of last year, except for the year-on-year price drop of the sewage pump (returning 1.78 points), the prices of the other types of pumps all showed a year-on-year increase. Among them, the largest increase is the vertical multi-stage pump (+25.82 points), followed by the household pump (+10.14 points), the submersible pump, deep well pump, pipeline pump and shielded circulation pump rose by 2.97 points, 1.90 points, 1.61 respectively. Point and 1.25 points. 

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