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Pump maintenance
- Sep 11, 2018 -

Pump maintenance


During the operation of the pump, the transported medium, water and other substances may enter the fuel tank, affecting the normal operation of the pump. Therefore, the quality and oil level of the lubricant should be checked frequently, and the quality of the lubricant can be checked by visual inspection and sampling. . The amount of oil in the lubricating oil can be seen from the oil level mark.

The new pump should be replaced once after one week of operation. The pump industry that changed bearings during overhaul should be changed. Because new bearings and shafts have foreign matter entering the oil during operation, oil must be changed and the oil should be changed once a quarter.


When the pump is in operation, vibration is often generated due to poor quality of parts and inspection, improper operation or vibration of piping. If the vibration exceeds the allowable value, stop the vehicle for repair and avoid damage to the machine.

Increased bearing temperature

When the pump is running, if the bearing temperature rises quickly and the bearing temperature is too high after stabilization, the bearing has problems in the quality of manufacture or installation, or the quality, quantity or lubrication method of the bearing lubricant (fat) does not meet the requirements. If not handled in time, the bearing oil burns out. The allowable value of the centrifugal pump bearing temperature is: sliding bearing <65 degrees. Rolling bearings <70 degrees. This allowable value is the allowable range of bearing temperature after a period of operation. The newly-changed bearing has a higher temperature at the initial stage of operation, and the temperature will drop after running for a while, and it will stabilize at a certain value.

Pump performance

During the operation of the pump, if the source of the liquid does not change, the opening of the valve on the inlet and outlet pipelines has not changed, and the flow or inlet and outlet pressure has changed, indicating that there is a fault in the pump or in the pipeline, and the cause should be quickly identified and eliminated in time. Otherwise it will have adverse consequences.

Unit sound

The pump makes a sound during operation, some are normal, some are abnormal. For abnormal reasons to be identified, and eliminated in time, causing abnormal sound of the pump, there are roughly the following reasons:

1. Fluid reasons, such as insufficient flow of inlet and outlet of centrifugal pump, causing cavitation, noise, pumping gas in the pump outlet line, causing water hammer, impact sound and so on.

2. For mechanical reasons, the bearing quality does not meet the requirements or damage, the gap between the static and dynamic parts of the pump is not suitable, causing friction; the shaft bending causes internal friction; the parts are damaged and fall off; the pump falls into foreign objects.

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