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Self-priming centrifugal pump failure analysis
- Oct 10, 2018 -

Self-priming centrifugal pump failure analysis

Centrifugal pump with its simple structure , easy maintenance , high efficiency and become the most widely used in agriculture as a pump , but also because sometimes mention no water and people feel troubled . No water present on the deliberate failure to mention the reason to be analyzed.


Inlet and an air pump body

( 1 ) Some users are not filled before the start of the pump enough water ; sometimes looks irrigation water overflow from the bleed hole , but did not turn the pump shaft post air completely discharged , resulting in a little air still remained in the inlet or the pump body .
( 2 ) in contact with the pump into the water against the flow direction of the horizontal section of the application of the down slope of 0.5% or more , the pump inlet connected to one end of the highest level do not completely . If the upward tilt , will be retained within the inlet air , reducing water pipes and pumps in the vacuum, impact -absorbent.
( 3 ) a filler pump has been used for a long wear or too loose packing too , causing a lot of water from the filler and the discharge gap between the sleeve shaft , the result is the outside air into the gap from the interior of the pump , affecting the carrying water .

( 4 ) into the water because of potential long-term underwater corrosion wall having holes , declining water pump after work , when these holes out of the water , the air from the hole into the inlet pipe .

( 5 ) into the water pipe bend cracks , into the pipe connecting the pump occurs at a slight gap , may allow air into the intake pipe .


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