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Talking about the composition and classification of submersible pumps
- Nov 28, 2018 -

The submersible pump is composed of a pump body, a water pipe, a pump base, a submersible motor and a starting protection device, and has a simple structure and convenient use. The submersible pump is divided into an upper pump type and a lower pump type depending on the relative position of the pump and the motor. The upper pump submersible pump is on the top and the motor is on the bottom. This structure greatly reduces the radial size of the pump, so it is mostly used for well submersible pumps and small submersible pumps. The lower pump submersible pump motor is on the top and the pump is on the bottom. It is divided into two types: built-in and external. The liquid delivered by the built-in pump submersible pump first passes through the annular flow path surrounding the motor, so that it cools the motor and then flows out of the pump pressure outlet. This kind of pump does not have to worry about the temperature rise of the motor even when it is close to draining the sink, so the application range is expanding. The external pump-type submersible pump directly discharges liquid from the pressure water chamber or the outlet of the vane body behind the impeller, and the motor is also cooled by the pumped liquid. Because the lower pump structure can work in shallower liquids, it is often used in working surface submersible pumps, especially it is the main structural type of large diameter submersible pumps. The mechanical seal of the lower pump submersible pump is located in the high pressure zone of the outlet water flow. The higher the lift, the higher the water pressure here, so the performance of the mechanical seal is controlled by the lift.


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