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How to choose and install agricultural submersible pumps?
- Dec 04, 2018 -

There are a few points to note when choosing an agricultural submersible pump:

1. Select the number of power phases. Whether to choose a single-phase pump or a three-phase pump should be determined according to the local power supply. Generally, a three-phase electric pump should be selected where there is a three-phase power supply. This is because the three-phase pump is smaller in size, lighter in weight and lighter in vibration than the single-phase pump of the same specification. Therefore, it is economical to select a three-phase pump.

2. Select parameters. The key to selecting a submersible pump is to determine the parameters such as the flow rate and head of the pump. The choice of pump flow rate should be compatible with the water supply and water consumption of the water source and the economic conditions of the household. The best choice for the user's head is to be close to the lift on the pump nameplate. It can be used economically and the efficiency can be maximized. But it is not required to be absolutely equal. Generally, the deviation is less than 20%, and it can work under the condition of energy saving. If the selected pump head is too small, the low-lift pump is used for high-lift work, that is, the small-marathon cart, even if it can pump water, the amount of water will be small. At the same time, if the motor is overloaded, if the motor is overloaded for a long time, the motor temperature rises. High, the winding insulation layer will gradually age, and even burn the motor; the pump head is too high, the high-lift pump is used for low lift work, that is, the big horse-drawn car, wasting power and equipment resources.

3. Test the quality. The submersible pump's motor has a water-filled, oil-filled and shielded structure, and is generally the most widely used for water filling. Before using this pump, all the water injection hole bolts must be unscrewed, one water is injected and the other air is discharged. After water injection, it is necessary to wait for about 15 minutes. After the air in the motor chamber is completely discharged, add water, until the water is filled. Tighten the two water injection bolts again. Keep the motor in a sealed condition. After the motor is filled with water, the winding works in water, and the insulation of the motor can be measured. The insulation resistance must be measured with a megohmmeter, that is, the table cannot be used. Because the range of the universal meter is limited, the insulation resistance between the winding and the ground is measured. Not sure. After the insulation is qualified, test the water pump for trial operation. If there is a condition, after filling the motor with water, tighten the water injection bolt to energize the pump in the pool, but it can't run for a long time. If there is no condition, it can be idling on the well, but the time should not exceed 5 minutes.


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