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What are the advantages of the submersible sewage pump?
- Jan 07, 2019 -

What are the advantages of the submersible sewage pump?

The submersible sewage pump is a kind of pump type which is connected with the pump and the motor and submerged under the liquid. Compared with the general horizontal pump or the vertical sewage pump, the submersible sewage pump obviously has the following advantages.

1. Compact structure and small footprint. Because the submersible sewage pump works under submerged liquid, it can be installed directly in the sewage tank. There is no need to build a special pump room to install the pump and the machine, which can save a lot of land and infrastructure costs.

2. Easy to install and maintain. Small submersible sewage pumps can be installed freely. Large submersible sewage pumps are generally equipped with automatic coupling devices for automatic installation, and installation and maintenance are quite convenient.

3. Continuous operation time is long. Due to the coaxiality of the pump and the motor, the submersible sewage pump has a short shaft and a light weight. Therefore, the load on the bearing is relatively small in radial direction and the life is much longer than that of the general pump.

4. There are no problems such as cavitation damage and irrigation water. Especially the latter point brings great convenience to the operator.

5. The vibration noise is small, the motor temperature rises low, and there is no pollution to the environment.

It is precisely because of the above advantages that the submersible sewage pump has been paid more and more attention by people, and the scope of use is becoming wider and wider. It can be used to transport all kinds of domestic sewage, industrial wastewater, and construction from the original purely used to transport clean water. Site drainage, liquid feed, etc.

It plays a very important role in various industries such as municipal engineering, industry, hospitals, buildings, restaurants, and water conservancy construction.

But everything is divided into two. The most critical problem for the submersible sewage pump is the reliability problem, because the submersible sewage pump is used under the liquid; the medium to be transported is a mixed liquid containing solid materials; The pump is in close proximity to the motor; the pump is vertically arranged and the weight of the rotating part is in the same direction as the impeller is subjected to water pressure. These problems make the requirements of the submersible sewage pump in terms of sealing, motor bearing capacity, bearing arrangement and selection higher than that of the general sewage pump.

In order to improve the life of the submersible sewage pump, most manufacturers at home and abroad are looking for ways to protect the pump, that is, when the pump is leaking, overloading, over-temperature and other faults, it can automatically alarm and automatically stop the repair. However, we believe that it is necessary to install a protection system in the submersible sewage pump, which can effectively protect the safe operation of the electric pump. But this is not the key to the problem. The protection system is only a remedy after the pump has failed, and it is a relatively passive approach. The key to the problem should be to start from the root and completely solve the problems of the pump in terms of sealing and overloading. This is a more active approach. To this end, we applied the auxiliary impeller fluid dynamic sealing technology and the pump's no-overload design technology to the submersible sewage pump, which greatly improved the pump sealing reliability and load carrying capacity and prolonged the service life of the pump.


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