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Choose the specific operation of pump
- Sep 27, 2018 -

Choose the specific operation of pump


According to pump selection principles and selection basic conditions, and the specific operation as follows:

1.According to the arrangement, the device topography condition, water conditions, and operating condition, to determine the choice vertical and horizontal structure, and other types (pipeline, diving type, submerged type, non-clog type, the suction and gear type, etc.) of the pump.

2.According to the liquid medium nature, make sure the water pump, hot water pump or oil pump, chemical pump or corrosion pump or impurity pump, or to use non-clog pump. Installed in areas of the explosion pump, should be based on the regional level explosion, the corresponding explosion-proof motors.

3.According to the flow volume, determine the menu or double suction pump suction pump; According to head high and low, choose single grade pump or multistage pumps, high speed pump or low speed pump air conditioning pump), multilevel pump efficiency than single grade pump low, such as menu grade pump and multistage pumps, also can use, the first choose single grade pump.

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