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Displacement water pump
- Oct 03, 2018 -

Displacement water pump

(1) A certain pump in the certain speed or reciprocating flow is the number of certain, almost not with pressure and change. ). 

(2) Of the reciprocating pump discharge and pressure have larger pulse, the need to take corresponding measures to reduce pulse; Rotary pump general no-pulsation or only small pulse. 

(3) Self-priming capacity has, after a pump start-up that except the air inhaled liquid pipe. 

(4) When start pump discharge pipe valves must be fully opened. 

(5) Reciprocating pump is low machinery, large size, manufacturing and installation costs also big;Rotary pump rotation speed is higher, up to 3000 r/min. 

(6) Reciprocating pump used in high pressure (up to 350 million mpa) and small flow (100 m3 / when the following); Rotary pump is suitable for small and medium flow (400 m3 / when the following) and high pressure (35 million palmer below). 

(7) For conveying reciprocating pump clean liquid or gas to liquid mixture, some pump as diaphragm pump may transport the mud, sewage and waste water, mainly for the water supply, provide high pressure hydraulic and measurement transportation etc. Rotary pump for the transmission have clean liquid lubricity and liquid gas mixture, especially the viscosity of liquid, mainly used in oil, food liquid transportation and hydraulic transmission.

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