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Reverse of water pump failure
- Oct 24, 2018 -
Reverse of water pump failure

First of all to introduce the cause of the reverse phenomenon of water pump. When there are several pumps running side by side or a pump running alone, if the pump suddenly stopped turning, the pump outlet reverse valve is not strict, water pump reversal phenomenon will be very easy to appear, when there is a reverse failure, it is not possible to start, otherwise it will be very easy to shaft and motor damage, so, when this kind of situation, to the pump exit valve immediately closed, while the standby pump to start, this must be remembered.
The following is a description of the water pump reverse will bring harm. When the pump appears inverted phenomenon, its outlet pressure may appear sharp decline in the situation, in addition, may cause the impeller to loosen, so that its pump internal and static part of the friction, resulting in related components damage, affect the overall operation of the pump, and even bring security risks. In addition, when the pump inverted problem, the head will be very low, serious time will not be hit water.

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