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Characteristics Of Three Solar Seawater Pumps
- Jul 13, 2018 -

1, brushed Solar seawater pump

When the pump is working, the coil and the commutator rotate, the magnetic steel and the carbon brush do not rotate, and the alternating current direction of the coil is completed by the commutator and the brush that the motor rotates, as long as the motor rotates the carbon brush, the wear occurs. Solar seawater pumps When the computer water pump runs to a certain extent, the carbon brush wear gap becomes larger and the sound will increase accordingly. After several hundred hours of continuous operation, the carbon brush cannot play the role of reversing.

Advantages: low price.

2, brushless motor type Solar seawater pump

The motor type brushless Solar seawater pump is composed of a brushless DC motor and an impeller. The shaft of the motor is connected with the impeller, Solar seawater pumps and there is a gap between the stator and the rotor of the water pump. When the water is used for a long time, the water will penetrate into the motor and the motor is easily burned out.

Advantages: Brushless DC motors have been standardized, low cost and high efficiency.

3, brushless DC magnetic drive Solar seawater pump

The brushless DC water pump adopts electronic component reversing, no need to use carbon brush reversing, and adopts wear-resistant ceramic shaft and ceramic bushing. The bushing is integrated with the magnet through injection molding to avoid wear, so the brushless DC magnetic water pump The life expectancy has increased. The stator part and the rotor part of the magnetically isolated water pump are completely isolated, the stator and the circuit board part are sealed by epoxy resin, the waterproof performance is good, the rotor part is made of permanent magnet, the water pump body adopts environmentally friendly material, low noise, small volume, Solar seawater pumps performance stable. Various required parameters can be adjusted by winding the stator and can be operated at a wide voltage.

Advantages: long life, low noise up to 35dB, high temperature resistance, can be used for hot water circulation. The stator and circuit board parts of the motor are encapsulated with epoxy resin and completely isolated from the rotor. They can be installed underwater and waterproof. The shaft of the pump is made of ceramic shaft and has good shock resistance.

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