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About The Upcoming New Solar Pump Policy
- Sep 11, 2018 -

About The Upcoming New Solar Pump Policy

The New Delhi government is developing a new plan for solar water pumps to promote solar photovoltaic off-grid water pump systems and aims to replace traditional diesel power generation.

According to an official statement after the meeting of the Guwahati Power and New Energy Renewable Energy Ministry Consultative Committee, agricultural solar irrigation systems are being used for solar water photovoltaic pumping systems in areas where agricultural water use is difficult.

The meeting focused on the operation of the NHPC and the implementation of the solar roof plan and solar power generation plan.

At the meeting of independent heads of the State Council of Power and Renewable Energy, RK Singh said that the useful life of hydropower projects is relatively long, which helps to provide cheap electricity in the long term and meet the demand for electricity in peak load situations.

In addition, Balraj Joshi, chairman and general manager of NHPC Co., Ltd., also said that they are close to completing 14,000 megawatts of water power generation, solar photovoltaic power generation and solar thermal energy projects.

An official statement stated that the three hydropower stations in Tamil Nadu have a total capacity of 3,130 megawatts and a 50 megawatt solar power project is under construction. A joint venture company's 1,000 MW hydropower project has been approved by the Cabinet Economic Committee and a new tender is being finalized.

This is in addition to the 22 projects that regulated 6691.2 MW (including joint ventures), of which 1,416 9167.5 MW were in different stages of implementation.

Six 553MW hydropower projects with a total capacity are writing feasibility reports and three hydropower projects with a total capacity of 805MW have already been under construction.

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