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Industry Insiders Introduce The Purchase And Use Of Water Pump Products
- Nov 29, 2018 -

First, purchase diving electric pump precautions

1, The choice of type.

(1) When selecting a submersible electric pump for wells, the frame number of the electric pump should be determined according to the diameter of the well (100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 250mm, 300mm, etc.), and then the specific specification model should be selected according to the actual flow rate and head of the well.

(2) For the general clear water places such as shallow wells, rivers, lakes, etc., the pump type submersible pumps such as QY type and QS type are preferred.

(3) It is used for local area drainage. The water contains small particles of solid impurities, such as flood control, construction, farm cleaning, etc. It is suitable to use submersible pump such as QX type and QDX type.

(4) For the transportation of sewage containing solid particles and dirt, especially sewage containing large particles, the WQ type sewage sewage submersible pump should be used.

(5) When used in mining areas such as coal mines to transport sewage containing solid particles such as dirt and coal powder, it is necessary to use an explosion-proof mine submersible pump that can be explosion-proof. Do not use a general submersible pump to avoid accidents. Explosion hazard.

2. Choice of single-phase pump or three-phase pump.

The single-phase pump or the three-phase pump should be used according to the local power supply. Generally, the three-phase pump should be selected where there is a three-phase power supply. This is because the single-phase pump of the same specification has a smaller volume, lighter weight and lighter vibration than the three-phase pump, so it is economical to select a three-phase pump.

3. Specification selection.

Different sizes of submersible pumps have different ranges of use. The flow rate and head specified on the nameplate of any submersible pump are the rated conditions used by this submersible pump, and are generally the best point for using efficiency.

In use, as the flow rate and head change, the efficiency of the submersible pump and the motor power also change accordingly, which has a certain impact on the economy and reliability of the submersible pump. If the flow rate used is too large, the motor will overheat. If the motor is used for a long time, it may even burn out the motor. If the lift used is too high, the pump flow will become smaller and the efficiency will decrease. Submersible pumps can generally operate normally within a rated flow range of 0.7 to 1.3 times. Therefore, users are required to consider the appropriate range of use when selecting and using the submersible pump, especially for high-lift submersible pumps, do not operate at too low lift points, otherwise it will waste energy and may damage the dive. Electric pump.

4. Inspection of pump quality.

The submersible pump motor has a water-filled, oil-filled, dry and shielded structure. Before the water-filled pump is used, all the water injection hole bolts must be unscrewed, one water injection (no sand water), the other air discharge, after the water injection, it should be static for about 15 minutes, after the air in the motor cavity is completely discharged. Add water until the water is filled and then tighten the 2 water injection bolts. Keep the motor in a sealed condition. After the motor is filled with water, the winding works in water, and the insulation of the motor can be measured. The insulation resistance must be measured with a megohmmeter, that is, the table cannot be used. Because the range of the universal meter is limited, the insulation resistance between the winding and the ground is measured. Not sure. After the insulation is qualified, the pump is tested for test operation. Where there are conditions, after filling the motor with water, tighten the water injection bolt to energize the pump in the pool, but it can't run for a long time. If there is no condition, it can be idling on the well, but the time should not exceed 10 seconds.

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