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How To Make The Centrifugal Pump Achieve Automatic Water Absorption?
- Nov 28, 2018 -

1. The water storage method is filled with water in a large wooden barrel or water tank, placed near the water pump, and the bottom of the barrel is slightly higher than the water outlet of the water pump; or when the water tank is built on the side close to the pump room, Lower the bottom of the pool to form a reservoir. Connect the bucket (or pool) to the water filling hole of the pump body with a water pipe. Before the shutdown, the bucket is filled with water from the outlet pipe to fill the bucket, and the next time it is started, it can be filled with water. This method is water-filled and easy to use.

2. Self-priming centrifugal pump This type of pump is a new type of agricultural water pump designed, manufactured and promoted in China in recent years. It does not use the bottom valve. Before starting, a small amount of water is poured into the pump. When starting, it can automatically pump vacuum. After the shutdown, the next time you restart, you do not need to refill. Therefore, it is very convenient to use. The SS self-priming centrifugal pump developed by our province in recent years has specifications of 2, 3 and 4 inches, which is suitable for orchard and farmland irrigation. In addition, in order to develop sprinkler irrigation technology, China has jointly designed and produced six series of self-priming sprinkler pumps. This type of pump is used not only in agriculture but also in construction sites.

3. In front of the pump, the water tank is installed with a cylindrical water tank in front of the water pump. The top of the cabinet is a hemispherical protrusion. The middle part of the cabinet is a suction pipe. The pipe mouth is lower than the height of the cylinder, and the lower outlet of the cabinet is connected with the water pump. The suction pipe is connected. Before the water tank is used for the first time, fill the water tank from the water filling port and then close the water filling port. Start the pump operation, the water pump will pump the water out of the water tank, the water level will gradually drop, the volume will gradually increase, and a vacuum will be formed to generate suction, so that the water in the sink will be sucked into the water tank, and the water pump will continue to run. The source is continuously pumped out.

4. Use the engine exhaust vacuum filling method to remove the muffler of the small engine, install a special exhaust water diversion device, use the exhaust gas discharged during the working process of the engine, pump away the air in the pump, and make the pump generate a certain degree of vacuum. . In operation, the engine is first started, and then the handle of the exhaust water diversion device is pressed downward to close the exhaust gas discharge port, and the exhaust gas discharged from the engine is discharged through the exhaust gas injection nozzle. Since the exhaust gas jet velocity is high and the pressure is low, the suction effect is generated. . When there is a continuous flow of gas-water mixed bubbles, the pump begins to absorb water. Then close the water-filled vent hole on the pump body, then lift the handle, open the exhaust gas discharge port, and the pump will be transferred to normal operation. This method of filling water is only suitable for small-diameter pumps powered by small gasoline or diesel engines.

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