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How To Increase The Self-priming Capacity Of Non-clogging Sewage Pump
- Oct 22, 2018 -

Plug the sewage pump is a certain self-priming ability to enable the pump in the high places in the low liquid level of liquid or water suction pump cavity through the impeller high-speed liquid thrown out, to reach the purpose of conveying and promotion of liquid. Non-clogging sewage pump Sometimes the product is unqualified or the service life is too long, the self-priming ability drops, cannot reach the goal that we need, however, there is no blockage of the sewage pump because of the different ways of suction, can be divided into the external mixing type without plugging sewage pump, the internal mixing type without plugging sewage pump and the pump itself to provide power of the vacuum pump type without plugging sewage pump and other structural forms.

The following methods are introduced to improve the service life of the plug-free sewage pump and improve the self-priming ability:

The first approach is also the simplest method: self-priming sewage pump in the water pump suction pipe Set up the vacuum pump, pump start-up, vacuum pump first, so that water pump suction pipe filled with water, to ensure that the pump automatic, rapid start. This kind of water absorption method needs to have the consummation automatic control system to guarantee the normal work.

The second method is relatively simple relative to the following: No plug sewage pump to reduce the inlet pipe corners, drop height and horizontal interval.

The third method is a bit cumbersome, but it is also very easy to use: no blockage of the sewage pump set pump suction tank. This method needs to set up a suction tank on the water pump suction pipe, the water pump before the first operation, the tank should be filled with artificial irrigation, after the first run, because the suction tank's inlet height is higher than the pipe surface height, although the water surface height below the tank surface height, the water in the tank will not flow back, into the pool, so, the suction tank can store a certain amount of water, and because the suction tank of the outlet pipe (that is, water pump suction pipe) Height below the water surface height, so as to ensure that water pump suction pipe filled with water, After the pump is running again, the water in the pitcher is pumped away by the pump, the negative pressure is thrown inside the tank, and the water in the pool is added to the suction tank under the action of the atmospheric pressure, through the suction tank.

The last method is to install suction water valve at the end of suction drain pump. The suction bottom valve is actually a check valve which ensures that the water flow can only be sucked into the water by the sink and cannot be turned back so if the suction tube is filled with water, although the pump axis elevation is higher than the pool's working water level, but because there is suction underwater valve role, suction pipe water will not flow into the pool, so that the suction tube has been covered with water, to ensure that the water pump can be automatically and quickly start.

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