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What Is A Solar Seawater Pump And How It Works
- Jul 13, 2018 -

Solar seawater pump system for agricultural irrigation

If your farmland needs a continuous drive pump to pump water, it faces the problem of power outages. At this time, the Solar seawater pump can solve the problem of power shortage.

Solar seawater pumps are considered to be the most productive and environmentally friendly pumps. Submersible pumps are mainly used in deep well pumping applications.

Solar seawater pumps have advantages over other pumps. Solar seawater pumps can be placed in ponds or rivers, allowing the pump to be completely submerged. In this way, the Solar seawater pump can be applied to pressurized and non-pressurized farmland irrigation, domestic water, livestock water, and the like.

Solar seawater pump system for agricultural irrigation

The solar photovoltaic pump system mainly consists of three components: solar photovoltaic inverter, water pump and battery panel. Solar panel power generation, inverter voltage regulator drive pump motor work.

The water is pumped out of the water and transported through a water pipe to a designated location. Most solar water pump systems pump water into the reservoir. On cloudy days or at night, the stored water can be used for watering, domestic fire, and livestock water.

Solar photovoltaic submersible pump is easy to install and maintain

In addition, Solar seawater pumps do not require much maintenance. And the installation of the device is also very simple, just need to know a little bit of technology, you can install it alone.

The biggest advantage of Solar seawater pumps is that they use solar power to work directly, or store electricity on the battery for later use. Most of the batteries used in Solar seawater pump systems are capable of storing electricity, can be charged at any time, and can continue to supply water pump work for a long time.

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