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About Solar water pump
- Nov 29, 2018 -

Solar water pump is also known as solar photovoltaic water pumping system. In recent years, it has been increasingly recognized as the most attractive water supply in the sun-rich areas of the world, especially in remote areas where electricity and electricity are scarce. Exhausted solar energy achieves a highly economical and highly reliable water supply. The pump is fully automatic at sunrise, resting at sunset, without personnel supervision, and the maintenance workload can be minimized. It is an ideal green energy high-tech product integrating economics, reliability and environmental benefits. The solar water pump system is an optical and mechatronic system that has been rapidly developed in recent years. It uses the power generated by solar cells to drive DC, permanent magnet, brushless, position sensorless, and maximum power point tracking and transformation and control devices. The rotor double-sealed motor or high-efficiency asynchronous motor or high-speed switched reluctance motor drives the high-efficiency water pump to lift water from the surface to the ground for irrigation or human and animal drinking. From design to manufacturing modern technology involving electrical, mechanical, power electronics, computer, control and other disciplines, it provides an excellent means for the development of modern agriculture, energy conservation, environmental protection and so on. The system has good long-term economic efficiency, especially compared with the common diesel pumping, and has an overwhelming economic advantage. The development of this new type of environmentally-friendly and energy-saving products will undoubtedly bring great economic and social benefits to the development of the industry and the development of the economy, especially the development of modern agriculture in the arid regions. It is particularly in line with the construction of “resource-saving” and “environmentally friendly”. Type of social development strategy. Photovoltaic water pumps use solar energy to be used in farmland irrigation, provide clean drinking water for humans and animals, develop garden economy, beautify parks, construct color fountains, raise oxygen for fish farming, raise shrimp ponds, and beach salt fields without any external energy. Water supply and drainage, etc. In addition, a large number of international ordering intentions indicate that the international market prospects of such high-tech products are very encouraging. As a newly emerging industry, the PV pump system is in line with China's sustainable development strategy.

Solar water pumps are divided into two series: DC pumps and AC pumps. Among them, the DC pump motor drive mode is divided into DC brushless motor and permanent magnet synchronous motor.

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