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Use the submersible pump precautions
- Dec 01, 2018 -

1. Before the start of the submersible pump, it should do some necessary checks: whether the rotation of the pump shaft is normal, whether there is any jamming; whether the position of the impeller is normal; whether the cable and the cable plug are broken, scratched or broken. Pay attention to the change of voltage during operation, generally within ±5% of the rated voltage. In addition, the position of the water pump in the water is very important. It should be selected in a place with abundant water, no silt and good water quality, and suspended vertically in the water (Note: Do not suspend with cable). Leaked into the mud or blocked by the suspended water pump inlet, resulting in a sharp drop in water output or even water.

2. Pump maintenance When the pump fails, do not disassemble it yourself. Because of the dismantling of oneself, one does not know where the fault is located, causing blind dismantling; second, there is no special tool and often damages the intact parts. The best way is to go to an experienced, large-scale repair point to repair, and replace the "overage" parts and some wearing parts in time. Under normal circumstances, the pump should be inspected once every six months.

3. For long-term deactivation of the electric pump, the pump should be lifted off the water source in time, and the water in the pump should be drained, especially in the cold winter. Then place it in a dry place. Conditional users can also apply butter to the key parts of the pump and add lubricant to the bearing to prevent corrosion of the parts. In addition, the non-use period of the pump is not as long as possible. If it is not used for a long time, it will not only easily rust parts, but also reduce the service life of the pump.


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