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How to use and maintain the submersible pump?
- Jan 09, 2019 -

How to use and maintain the submersible pump?

In order to ensure the normal operation of the submersible pump for wells, the following requirements must be followed.

1. Before using the submersible electric pump, check the insulation resistance of the motor with a megger. The minimum value should not be less than 50MΩ.

2. The water immersed motor should open the watering screw plug, fill the clean water and then tighten the screw plug. Do not screw the screw plug into the well.

3. Check the cable for cracking or breaking before use. If there is damage, it should be replaced in time to prevent leakage.

4. Well submersible pump should be filled with clean water before pumping, then idling for 1-2 minutes, and start twice, check whether the start and idling are normal, and whether the steering meets the requirements. If the steering is reversed, any two-phase wiring can be exchanged.

5. Check the riser for cracks and the connection is firm.

6. When the submersible electric pump is used for downhole and lifting, the cable must not be hard-drawn to avoid cable damage or disconnection of the joint, resulting in undue accidents. The iron wire or the card board should be used to go down and lift.

7. The power supply voltage should be controlled within ±5% of the rated voltage so that the motor can work normally. If the voltage is too low or too high, the motor can not be used continuously, so as not to damage the motor when it is working under overvoltage or undervoltage for a long time.

8. The submersible electric pump should be vertically suspended when diving into the water, and should not be placed diagonally. The depth of the water is preferably 5 meters below the moving water level.

9. The submersible pump for wells shall not transport water or mud with a high sand content.

10. The actual head of the submersible pump for wells should be used within 0.8-1.1 times of rated head to improve unit efficiency, save energy, and avoid overloading the motor.

11. The motor wiring must be connected to prevent the motor from running out of phase and burning the motor.

12. Cables must be checked frequently for cracks, scratches, etc., and replaced or repaired in time.

13. If oil leakage occurs in the oil-immersed motor, it should be repaired at the manufacturer or repair point in time to replace the sealing component.

14. The water immersed motor should always clean the sand in the motor cavity and replace the clean water in the motor cavity.

15. After running the submersible electric pump for half a year, it should be repaired and inspected to replace the damaged parts.

16. After the submersible electric pump is used in the well, the water immersed motor should be cleaned of the clean water in the motor, the electric pump should be cleaned, oiled and rustproofed, and stored vertically in a dry place.


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