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Correct Installation Of Pressure Gauge
- Jul 13, 2018 -

Pressure testing requires a measurement system to be implemented. In order to make accurate measurements, in addition to the correct selection and verification (calibration) of the instrument, you must also pay attention to the correct installation of the entire system. If only the seismic pressure gauge itself is accurate, the indication value does not fully represent the actual parameters of the measured medium, because the error of the measurement system is not equal to the error of the meter.

The correct installation of the system includes the opening position of the pressure tap, the proper laying of the connecting duct and the correct installation position of the meter.

1. The position of the pressure tap is selected (1) to avoid areas where the pipeline is bent, bifurcated, and the stream forms eddy currents. (2) When there is a protruding object (such as a temperature measuring element) in the pipeline, the pressure tap should be taken in front of it. (3) When the pressure must be taken near the regulating valve, if the pressure port is in front of it, the distance from the valve should be no less than 2 times; if the pressure port is behind, the distance from the valve should be no less than 3 times. Pipe diameter. (4) For a wide container, the pressure tap should be in a region where the fluid flow is smooth and there is no eddy current. In short, pressure gauge the position of the pressure tap determined in the process flow should be able to ensure that the process parameters to be selected are measured.

2. Laying of connecting pipes

The horizontal section of the connecting conduit should have a slope to facilitate the removal of condensed liquids or gases.

When the measured medium is a gas, the duct should be tilted downward toward the pressure tap; when the measured medium is liquid, the duct should be tilted toward the pressure gauge; when the measured parameter is a small differential pressure, tilt The degree can be a little bigger. In addition, if the pipe is turning up and down, pressure gauge the condensing liquid device should be placed at the lowest point according to the medium in the pipe or the venting device should be placed at the highest point to ensure that no condensation is accumulated in the pipe for a long time. Liquid or gas affects the accuracy of the measurement. Condensed liquids or gases should be discharged periodically.

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