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Centrifugal Pump Gas Binding And Cavitation Prevention Measures
- Jul 12, 2018 -

1. An effective measure to reduce cavitation is to prevent the generation of bubbles.

2. The surface moving in the liquid has a streamlined shape to avoid eddy currents in local places, because the vortex zone has low pressure and is prone to bubble generation. In addition, the gas content in the liquid and the disturbance in the liquid flow should be reduced, and the formation of bubbles will also be limited.

3. Choosing the right material can improve the resistance to cavitation. Metal materials with high strength and toughness generally have good cavitation resistance, and improving the corrosion resistance of the material will also reduce cavitation damage.

4. The pressure at the inlet of the centrifugal pump should not be too low, but there should be a minimum allowable value. The corresponding NPSH is called the necessary NPSH. It is generally determined by the pump manufacturer through cavitation test and used as a centrifugal pump. The performance is listed in the pump product catalog. When the pump is in normal operation, the actual NPSH must be greater than the required cavitation margin, which should be greater than 0.5m in China's standards.

5. At the same time, it is necessary to clean the foreign matter in the inlet pipe to make the inlet open, or increase the diameter of the pipe.

6. In addition, for the pump manufacturer, it is necessary to improve the anti-cavitation ability of the centrifugal pump itself, such as improving the structural design of the suction port to the vicinity of the impeller; using the front induction wheel to increase the flow pressure; increasing the inlet angle of the blade , reduce the bending at the blade inlet to increase the inlet area.

7. The air binding and cavitation phenomena of the centrifugal pump are very unfavorable for the centrifugal pump. Before using the centrifugal pump daily, it must be carried out according to the operating procedures to avoid the occurrence of gas binding. At the same time, it is necessary to regularly check and maintain the inlet and outlet pipes and blades of the centrifugal pump to prevent cavitation.

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