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Solar Pump System Installation And Use Of Small Knowledge
- Jul 12, 2018 -

1, prevent dry pumping

(1) When debugging the system, pay attention to the trial operation stage, the pump dry rotation time should not exceed 90S, otherwise the pump motor may cause insulation damage due to high temperature.

(2) In the daily use process, pay attention to the change of water source level. Water level switch can be installed at the water source to detect the water level signal, so that the system can protect the machine from stopping when there is water shortage.

2, antifreeze

(1) When used in alpine regions, the system piping needs to be buried below the freezing line to avoid exposure of the pipeline;

(2) The pipe should be drained in time, Solar pump otherwise it may cause the pipe to burst. It can be solved by manually operating the valve drain and installing a pressure relief valve;

(3) A small hole can be drilled under the pipeline below the freezing line. When the system is shut down, the pipeline water can be discharged back from the small hole, which can prevent freezing.

3, cable waterproof

(1) When the pump is shipped from the factory, Solar pump the length of the motor cable is about 2 meters. When using the deep well, the cable needs to be extended. The cable connection needs to be wrapped with waterproof tape to avoid system leakage protection after water seepage;

(2) It can be connected by a special water pump junction box;

4, to prevent particles from entering

(1) Ferromagnetic impurities and solid particles are not allowed to enter the suction port of the pump to avoid blocking the suction port;

(2) When transporting a water source with a large amount of sediment, Solar pump a filter should be installed at the inlet of the pump flow tube;

(3) When the pump is installed in the river, a filter should be installed around the pump to prevent the debris from being blocked into the suction port due to the suction of the pump.

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