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How The Difference Between Submerged Pumps And Sewage Pumps ?
- Sep 26, 2018 -

How the difference between submerged pumps and sewage pumps  ?

How to distinguish submersible pump and water pump? 

Sewage pumps and submersible pump solution 】 【 difference is mainly manifested in the following three aspects: 

1, The use of two kinds of pump technology is different 

Submersible pump is suitable for some special technical requirements, such as leakage, fluid medium, such as special, more expensive. Sewage pump is generally used to adjust, also has the switch quantity, such as: fan coil terminal. 

2, Two kinds of pump switch is different form 

Submersible pump driven by coil, can open or close, switch action when time is short. Sewage pump is generally used motor, open or close the action it takes time to complete analog, can do to adjust. 

3, Different nature, two kinds of pump work 

Submersible pump in general circulation coefficient is very small, and the work pressure difference is very small. Such as general 25 caliber than 15 caliber of electric submersible pump circulation coefficient of ball valve. Submersible pump driven by electromagnetic coil, more easy to voltage shock damage. Equivalent to the role of the switch, two function is opened and closed. 

Sewage pump drive is commonly used motor, voltage impact resistance. Submersible pump is fast and fast shut, generally used in small flow rate and pressure, asked for a switch frequency big place sewage pump instead. Sewage pump valve can control the openings of the state is open, closed, half-open half closed, can control the medium inside the pipeline flow and submersible pump can not reach the requirements. 

Submersible pump power can be reset commonly, the function of the sewage pump will need to add reset device. 


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