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Use Of The Pump, The Pump Uses What?
- Sep 28, 2018 -

Typically sense, the suction , transport liquid, the liquid pressure increase machine called pump . From the energy point of view, The pump is an energy conversion machines , it is the primary motivation of the mechanical energy into the energy of the liquid to be transported , the liquid moving,Energy and pressure energy increases, the liquid transported from point A to point B .

Use of the pump :

( 1 ) In the chemical and oil companies in the production of : materials , semi-finished and finished products are mostly liquid , and the raw material semi-

Finished products and finished products, require a complex process , the pump in these processes play a transport liquid, chemical reaction

Providing pressure, flow effect. In addition, the pump can also be used to adjust the temperature.

( 2 ) In agricultural production : the use of the pump is the main irrigation machinery . Vast rural , agricultural year

Village require a lot of pumps. According to statistics, agricultural pumps for more than half of its total output .

( 3 ) In the mining and metallurgical industry : water pump is the most used devices. Such as mine drainage , mineral processing,

Smelting and rolling process, the need to pump water supply .

( 4 ) In the electricity sector : thermal power plant requires a lot of boiler feed pumps , condensate pumps, circulating pumps , ash

Pump and so on .

( 5 ) In the shipbuilding industry : Every seagoing wheel pumps are mostly used in more than one hundred of its class

Type is also a wide range of .

( 6 ) In the national defense construction , aircraft flaps, rudder and landing gear adjustment , warships and tanks turret rotation

The ups and downs of the submarine will be used such as pumps. In some defense of sophisticated technology , such as nuclear power plants, nuclear reactors and fire

Arrow missile base , not only need to pump , and the pump has many special requirements, such as the transmission temperature, high pressure and radioactive

Liquid pensions , and some also require without any leakage .

Other uses , such as urban water pump drainage, internal combustion ( steam ) locomotive oil ( water ) , machine tool lubrication and cooling

However , the textile industry, transport bleach and dyes, paper pulp industry, transport , and delivery of milk and food industry sugar , etc., need a large number of pumps.

In short , whether it is heavy or light , whether it is national defense or military equipment , whether it is cutting-edge science,Technology or daily life , and everywhere need to use the pump , the pump is running everywhere . So is the use of the pump mechanic.

One of the important products industry , the development of modern industry, agriculture , national defense, science and technology will be less machinery and equipment.Use and maintenance of knowledge and skills has important practical significance


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